In the state Senate District 24 Democratic primary race, Denise Tepler narrowly edged out Jean Guzzetti, 1,817 votes to 1,795, according to unofficial election results.

A recount is expected, but Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ office had yet to receive a request Wednesday night.

Denise Tepler

Senate District 24 comprises all of Sagadahoc County and the Lincoln County town of Dresden.

With the margins being razor thin, Guzzetti’s campaign manager, Andrew Francis, put out a press release around 2 p.m. signaling they would request a recount. The press release stated that Guzzetti had complete confidence in the election process and asked for a recount out of due diligence.

“We think it’s important that every vote is counted,” Tepler said in a phone call with The Times Record.

Tepler said she was not surprised that Guzzetti requested a recount, given the tight margin. The ballots will go to Augusta for a recount by the Secretary of State’s office, with two representatives and attorneys representing the Guzzetti and Tepler campaigns present.

Guzzetti thanked her volunteers for their time, and regardless of the outcome, Senate District 24 will be well represented on the Democratic front once the recount is complete.

Jean Guzzetti

According to Bellows’ staff, if a recount request is received, the ballots will be delivered by law enforcement to 45 Commerce Drive in Augusta. The candidates are not the ballot counters, and the recounts are open for members of the public to attend, with the event likely to be livestreamed on Facebook.

The last Maine recount occurred in 2022 in the Republican primary for the Maine House District 73 seat between Michal Soboleski and Nancy J. Bessey, with Soboleski winning after a final recount tabulation.

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