It’s one thing to say Hallowell’s water meets current state and federal standards. It’s quite another to state it is “safe to drink” as the Hallowell Water District trustees have said in this op-ed (“Community Compass: Hallowell Water District has made progress on PFAS,” June 14). The federal EPA specifically determined that water with PFAS levels as high as the HWD levels are not safe. For PFOS and PFOA the safe level is zero, according to the EPA. The federal standard has been set at 4 parts per trillion because that’s measurable. Hallowell doesn’t meet that standard either.

I don’t appreciate misinformation. Towns have been given several years to meet the federal standard. I’m glad the district is working on complying. I appreciate the PFAS-free tap which is an inconvenient way to get drinking water but at least it’s safe. I hope the district can beat the deadline so we can turn on our taps and showers and access safe water as soon as possible.

Sharon Treat


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