We are deeply appalled by the Israeli killing attack on a tent city in Rafah by Israel that killed over 40 people. Although Israel called it a tragic mistake, they continued their killing and assaults on Rafah and Gaza. If they were really sorry they would stop their killing spree. They apologize for their most atrocious killings so they can continue their routine killing, which is every bit as atrocious.

They want to continue dropping their one-ton, U.S.-provided bombs without U.S. administration condemnation. Come on. This is way beyond what is acceptable in 2024. How can any rational, intelligent, educated person allow this to happen? How can US officials allow such atrocities to occur on their watch? How can such officials claim that they should be given another chance at leadership? It is nonsensical to claim effectiveness while allowing such atrocity to occur. It is nonsensical to claim legitimacy of leadership when allowing and supplying such atrocity.

It needs to stop. It should have been stopped months ago. It needs to stop now. It is deeply dishonorable to Americans, and to people of the world, to continue to tolerate and supply this.

Ed Ferreira

New Sharon

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