I love Joe Biden like the brother I never had.

President Biden is a good man, on the outside, as we see, and all the way through. Hardened by great tragedy, Biden became more kind; especially to strangers and the less fortunate. Doubted by elites, he matured by force of intellect and character to become a badly needed world leader and a highly successful president. Blocked at times by the forces that reject fairness, equality and even democracy, Biden persevered and reignited the torches of freedom in Europe, Asia and America.

Today, this good man considers whether – in the face of the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War – he should step aside and let his party nominate another, yet unknown, person. Only Biden knows all that may depend on his decision; we can only speculate. Because he is that good man, I am certain that his consideration is deep, broad and thorough.

I believe the election of former president Donald Trump will doom Ukraine, paralyze Europe’s remaining democracies and empower Putin to victimize those democracies and remove the United States as their defender. I believe President Biden may agree with this assessment. And those are merely the early and obvious consequences. Dim is that future.

The argument for a more youthful Democratic nominee is genuine and, at the same time, hopelessly fanciful.

This isn’t like picking your fantasy football team. It’s picking one person who can get elected and do the job better or as well as Biden. Whom? How? Why? When? And, by the way, is that uncharted course more likely to succeed than staying the course will? Please answer now … and live with the answer for eternity.

If this decision is to be made, we, together, have no way to make it. We, including the pious geniuses at New York Times and other outlets, have scant information on which to act. I want the decision made by the best-informed, most politically experienced and wise people in America; by the best of Americans, by the people who have lived and exemplify the principles we treasure.

We are fortunate that Biden is the person who will make the decision. This decision reaches for the farthest corners of each person’s soul, to depths unknown and chords of wisdom previously untouched. We know courage, wisdom and passionate love for America are in Biden’s soul – these qualities will guide the decision.

Joe Biden, I’m with you – whatever you decide. So are hundreds of millions of other Americans. We know you. You know us. Just tell us the deal.

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