It was hard for me to read Jared Golden’s op-ed in the Bangor Daily News, when he said not only that he thought Trump was going to win, but that he was “OK” with it! I’m voting for Biden partly because I can’t imagine Trump being president again. All that division and hatred. How could he be OK with that?

But I’ve read the article a few times now and spent time thinking, and now I think I understand where Jared is coming from, especially when he spoke about the need to have someone in Congress who will protect health care and abortion rights.

I also agree that sometimes Trump lets the old big-business Republicans take the wheel, and we need Democratic majorities to push back. I hate Trump, but members of Congress have to have cool heads. It’s good for them to find common ground with the other side when they can, even if they also have to be ready to fight hard for our rights at other times.

Golden and I don’t agree on everything. But at the end of the day, I want him in Congress especially if there’s any chance Trump will win.

Cheryl Towle


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