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A lifelong resident of Lewiston, Russ Dillingham stumbled into photography as a college student working toward a career in psychology. During summer breaks he worked in the press and composing rooms at the Sun Journal and between his junior and senior year landed a job as a darkroom technician in the photography department where he developed an interest in taking photos. He immediately demonstrated a creative eye and a knack for being in the right place at the right time. When the Sun Journal launched a Sunday edition, he was offered a job that began his 35 year career. He lives in Lewiston, where he and his wife raised four boys. His innate curiosity and love of new technology has kept his passion burning. From using 360-degree cameras to becoming a licensed drone pilot he is always eager to try something new. After three decades of doing the same job he still is excited to come to work every day and is always seeking new challenges and adventures.