The Republicans complain about the debt that the president has run up. But the U.S. debt was increased by hundreds of billions of dollars by the Bush-Cheney invasion of Iraq, which was a total waste as there was no need to invade.

The small Arab countries nearby were afraid of being invaded by Iraq so they wanted to be our friends. That way we would come to their aid as we did in Kuwait. After we invaded, though, they all told us to go to hell.

Now we have Republican governors, including our own, passing laws against labor. Paul LePage removed the labor mural, which was a childish move. They’re only turning people against the party. so there won’t be many Republicans elected in the next elections.

Another thing is the marriage of gay people. They are citizens just as we are and have the right to marry.

Taxes are another item that believe in. Everyone pays their fair share. The wealthy should be taxed until it hurts as much as it does the poor. Those executives who gave themselves hundreds of millions of dollars should be taxed 80 percent on those bonuses.

Joseph T. Silva Sr.


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