SALEM — Mt. Abram High School announces its fourth-quarter honor roll.

Seniors — high honors: Aaron Jalbert and Danielle Smith.

Honors: Henry Bracym Brooke Gilchrist, Annah Houston, William London, Holly Thomas, Wren Tooker and Garrett Vogl.

Honorable mention: Sylvia Bachelder, Gabrielle Gile, Eric Mitchell, Joseph Newell, Elise Presby, Dylan Reynolds, Colleen Shields, Nicholas Vickers and Lakeesha Woodcock.

Juniors — high honors: Joshua Beedy, Erin Luce and Ashley Shurtleff.

Honors: Hillary Chase, Parker Kennedy, Jazmin Knapp, Benjamin Listowich, Delani Littlefield, Rose Lowell, Trent Rosenberg, Meika Toothaker and Noah Zanella.

Honorable mention: Nicholas Carlton, Kaitlyn Currier, Aidan Drumstas, Dorothy Hinkley, Tia Holt, Caulin Logan, Alex Lopez, Anita Plog, James Quinn and Mitchell Toothaker.

Sophomores — high honors: Holland Corson, Briannah James, Sadie James and Jennifer Rowland.

Honors: Lyndsay Beane, Jay Chenard, Annie Dexter, Taylor Henderson, Alix Howard, Taylor Jordan, Mikayla Luce, Siri Norris, Staci Plog and Tristin Witham.

Honorable mention: Catherine Berry, Ethan Boyd, Ashia Gill, Ayla Haines, Gino Hem, Jill Howard, Mckayla Howard, Raven Riendeau, Alanna Ross, Breanna Sargent, Miranda Smith, Alexander Suffoletto, Lillian Taylor and Christianna Wilbur.

Freshmen — high honors: Thomas Faraday, Solomon Fast, Emma Houston, Emily Listowich and Ivy Mitman.

Honors: Nicholas Cole, Maggie Elliott, Emily Hardy, Alexandra Harnden, Jonathan Hart, Elise Luce, Colin McCarthy-Edwards, Arthur Ryan, Emily Stanley and Amos Withee.

Honorable mention: Evan Abbott, Scott Bachelder, Patrick Banahan, Lindsey Benoit, Jazmin Bouchard, Tosha Crandall, Christopher Daly, Calum Dixon, Chad Fenwick, Mary Hutchens, Mathew Kelley, Angelica Levy, Allison Lopez, Joshua McBean, Troy Palmatier, Chloe Quinn, David Ricker and Gregory Siekman.

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