A Naples man has been indicted by a Cumberland County grand jury for allegedly shooting his nephew in the forehead with a pellet gun.

The grand jury indicted Daniel McGill, 26, on charges of elevated aggravated assault, aggravated assault, assault on an officer and reckless conduct with a weapon.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s deputies arrested McGill on May 19. Deputies said he had been drinking and handling the gun carelessly. The .177-caliber gun was loaded with pellets pointed for greater penetration. McGill got into an altercation with the investigating deputy, police say.

McGill told deputies he had been shooting at squirrels and the gun was across his lap when it discharged.

The discharge of the pellet gun left a pellet lodged in the front of Gavin Gilmore’s brain, authorities said. Surgeons removed the pellet, they said. Gilmore and McGiill shared a residence.


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