AUGUSTA — Here is a list of divorces granted recently in Augusta District Court:

Richard J. Baillargeon of Greene and Theresa A. Baillargeon of North Monmouth; married Aug. 8, 1987.

Craig P. Bickford and Michelle G. Bickford, both of Chelsea; married Feb. 5, 2010.

Dennis R. Blaisdell of Pownal and Judith H. Blaisdell of Farmingdale; married Sept. 9, 2008. Ex-wife to change name to Judith Helen Ballard.

Laurie Bourgeois and Melissa Bourgeois, both of Hallowell; married Oct. 9, 1988.

Chad Brann and Lisa L. Brann, both of Augusta; married Aug. 23, 2007. Ex-wife to change name to Lisa Lee Mourousas.

Ronald Brown and Nancy Labbe, both of Windsor; married Sept. 21, 2002.

Richard Bryant of South Portland and Michel Bryant of Randolph; married May 14, 1994.

James Caston of Manchester and Susan G. Caston of Rockport; married Sept. 22, 1984.

Clint R. Childs of Gardiner and Emily J. Childs of Winthrop; date of marriage not provided.

Roland A. Choate Jr. of Farmingdale and Phyllis M. Choate of Augusta; married Aug. 22, 2009.

Donald Clement of Pittston and Nancy Clement of Hallowell; married June 14, 1980. Ex-wife to change name to Nancy L. Fuller.

Steven M. Colby of Hallowell and Heather J. Colby of Winthrop; married July 28, 2001.

Raymond R. Cooper of Chaneller, Texas, and Cherish D. Cooper of Augusta; married Dec. 31, 2003. Ex-wife to change name to Cherish D. DeBault.

Brian Cox of Winthrop and Diana Cox of Manchester; married June 18, 1977.

Willis A. Cross of Hallowell and Sarah Jane Cross, both of Hallowell; married Sept. 25, 2005. Ex-wife to change name to Sarah J. Truman.

Mark W. Davis of West Gardiner and Celine M. Davis of Lewiston; married April 20, 1991.

Malcolm M. Dean and Cheryl L. Dean, both of Manchester; married Aug. 29, 1998.

Dennis I. Donahue and Wendy M. Donahue, both of Gardiner; married Feb. 21, 2006.

Bruce R. Ducharme of Litchfield and Sarah Elizabeth Ducharme of Winthrop; married Sept. 8, 2007.

Nicholas J. Farrand of Farmingdale and Meryl S. Beaucaire Farrand of Gardiner; married Sept. 2, 2006.

Jason P. Fiume of Johnston, N.Y., and Megan Fiume, no town of residence provided; married Jan. 21, 2008.

Gerard A. Gagne of Waterville and Debra Lynn Gagne of Augusta; married May 12, 2008. Ex-wife to change name to Debra Lynn Dyer.

Mark Greenwald and Candid Greenwald, both of Monmouth; date of marriage not provided. Ex-wife to change name to Candid Yvonne Tanguay.

Lawrence E. Hebert of Augusta and Cheryl M. Hebert of Auburn; married Aug. 20, 1986. Ex-wife to change name to Cheryl M. Sampson.

Darryl Hersom of Litchfield and Kristina Hersom of West Gardiner; married Oct. 21, 2006. Ex-wife to change name to Kristina Marie Lachance.

James Howe of West Gardiner and Laura Howe of Gardiner; married Oct. 11, 2003.

Joshua Hutchins of Augusta and Katrina Swift of Randolph; married Jan. 11, 2011.

Sheldon Hyde of Washburn and Rebecca Hyde of Winthrop; married Jan. 8, 2010. Ex-wife to change name to Rebecca Jo Walter.

Joseph Jerrier of South China and Joanne Jerrier of Farmingdale; married Oct. 16, 1971.

Christopher N. Kroot of West Gardiner and Karin Kroot of Randolph; married Sept. 23, 2006. Ex-wife to change name to Karin Yngve Olsun.

Robert L. LaFlamme Jr. of Augusta and Sara LaFlamme of Belgrade; married May 9, 2009. Ex-wife to change name to Sara Ann Mayo.

Michael C. Lenko and Sherry A. Brooks, both of Augusta; married Oct. 3, 1991.

Robert J. Maddocks of Winthrop and Betty L. Maddocks of Ocean Springs, Miss.; married May 22, 2005.

Scott E. Maddox and Kimberly M. Maddox, both of Augusta; married June 12, 2010.

John L. Mallory of Newport and Nina Mallory of Randolph; married July 12, 2001.

Joseph J. P. P. Mann of Brunswick and Ann M. Mann of South China; married May 4, 2007. Ex-wife to change name to Ann Marie Saban.

Maxwell D. Mendez and Maranda L. Mendez, both of Augusta; married in September, 2008.

Timothy J. Merrithew of Augusta and Kelly R. Merrithew of South China; married Aug. 9, 1992. Ex-wife to change name to Kelly R. Stevens.

Donald D. Nealley of Gardiner and Donna M. Nealley of West Gardiner; married Aug. 27, 2005. Ex-wife to change name to Donna Mae Beggs.

Justin M. Norwood and Andrea M. Norwood, both of Gardiner; married Oct. 13, 2008.

Carl Pepin of Gardiner and Karen A. Pepin of Augusta; married July 24, 1982.

Mark A. Pierce of Augusta and Lisa Pierce of Hinckley;  date of marriage not provided.

Dana F. Purington and Anne Purington, both of Gardiner; married Oct. 20, 2001. Ex-wife to change name to Anne V. C. McKinney.

David W. Russell of Winthrop and Margaret W. Russell of Webster, Mass.; married Jan. 18, 2007.

Michael Jo Ruth of Gardiner and Melissa Anne Ruth of Winthrop; married May 16, 2004. Ex-wife to change name to Melissa A. Milles.

Samuel R. Schaab of West Gardiner and Laurissa A. Lewis Schaab of Farmingdale; married Oct. 20, 2000. Ex-wife to resume name Laurissa A. Lewis.

Michael Vernon Smith of Rumford and Shari Joyce Smith of Winthrop; married Sept. 9, 1988.

Jordan Spencer-Smith of Randolph and Jessica Spencer-Smith of Hallowell; married March 17, 2009. Ex-wife to change name to Jessica Hughes Reed.

David R. Stolt of Augusta and Julie Stolt of Winthrop; married Dec. 31, 2009.

Wesley A. Taylor of Chelsea and Whitney S. Taylor of Windsor; married Aug. 21, 2010. Ex-wife to change name to Whitney Sue Nelson.

Michael D. Thompson of Thorndike and Jennifer E. Thompson of Chelsea; married March 28, 1998.

Joseph S. Trendler of Winthrop and Gail M. Trendler of Augusta; married Aug. 26, 2006. Ex-wife to change name to Gail M. Thyng.

Corey Adam Vannah of Augusta and Felicia May Vannah of West Gardiner; married June 25, 2010. Ex-wife to change name to Felicia May Hathaway.

Paul R. Watson of Pittston and Vicky T. Watson of Hallowell; married Sept. 1, 2007.

Lance E. Whitmore of Jefferson and Kathleen A. Whitmore of Chelsea; married April 20, 1995.

Theodore A. Wood of Gardiner and Emma I. Wood of Augusta; married Aug. 22, 2003.

Peter Wormell and Patti L. Wormell, both of Manchester; married May 28, 2001.

Jaroslaw Wrobel of Augusta and Tisha M. Wrobel of Gardiner; married July 7, 2007. Ex-wife to change name to Tisha Marie York.

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