ANSON — Maine School Administrative District, Regional School Unit 74, has announced its bus routes for Anson, North Anson, Lexington, New Portland, Embden and Solon’s upcoming school year. The first day of school is Aug. 31 for students in grades K9 and classes for all students begin on Sept. 1.

The district announced that all posted pick up times are estimates, and students should be ready five minutes before the bus arrives. Please be patient for the first couple of weeks. If you have any questions, call 6352727, ext. 2.

Please note that any student that last year’s pick up location was at Casey’s Store will now either be picked up at home, the nearest bus stop closest to their home, or at the Garret Schenck School. There will no longer be a bus stop at Casey’s Store in the morning. To avoid over crowding on the buses, each student has been assigned a bus and cannot board a different bus without prior approval from the transportation office.

Anson and North Anson

Bus 2 K. Lightbody

7:00 West Mills Road

7:05 Cross Road

7:10 Smith Road

7:15 Parkwood Drive

7:20 Ingalls Street. Pine Street. Fredrick Street. Bus stops

7:22 Garrett Schenck School

7:25 Intersection of Preble Avenue and Hilltop Road

7:27 River Road

7:33 Arrive at CCS

7:36 Arrive at CHS

Bus 5 D. Pinkham

6:50 Pease Hill Road

6:53 Gorman Road

7:00 Hollin Waite Hill Road

7:15 Merry Road

7:22 Garret Schenck School

7:27 Campground Road

7:35 Arrive at CCS

7:38 Arrive at CHS

Bus 12 J. Devoe

6:40 Horseback Road

6:50 Preble Avenue

6:55 Hilltop Road

7:00 Bow Randall Street

7:02 Murray Lane

7:05 Highland Avenue

7:08 Finch Street

7:10 Wilson Street

7:12 Oak Street

7:13 Second Street

7:15 Church Street

7:18 Spear Hill

7:20 Main Street

7:22 Arrive at Garret Schenck School

7:28 Hilltop Road

7:30 River Road

7:35 Arrive at CCS

7:38 Arrive at CHS

Bus 10 J. Vartanian

6:30 Upper New Portland Hill Road

6:40 Town Farm Road

6:50 Four Mile Square Road

7:00 Valley Road

7:10 Parlin Road

7:20 Welch Road

7:25 Nault Road

7:28 Union Street

7:30 Center Street

7:32 Madison Street

7:35 Arrive at CCS

7:40 Arrive at CHS

Lexington, New Portland and Embden

Bus 7 R. McMullen

6:30 Carrabassett Road

6:40 Chick Road

6:45 Colegrove Road

6:48 Lemon Stream Road

6:50 Tannery Bridge Wire Bridge Road

6:52 River Road

7:05 Lower New Portland Hill Road

7:10 School Street

7:15 Katies Crotch Road

7:20 New Portland Road

7:32 Arrive at CCS

7:37 Arrive at CHS

Bus 8 R. David

6:45 Bog Road

6:50 Intersection at Bog Road. School Street

6:52 Meadow Brook Road

6:55 Intersection of New Portland Road Wentworth Road

7:00 Barron Road/Getchell Road

7:10 Embden Pond Road

7:15 Intersection of Embden Pond Road. Wentworth Road

7:20 Fahi Pond Road

7:35 Arrive at CHS

7:38 Bus stop at Foss’ on N. Main Street

7:40 Arrive at CCS

Bus 11 S. Pray

6:20 Spruce Pond Road

6:35 Long Falls Dam Road/ WhiteButler Road

6:55 George E. Cole Road

7:00 Long Falls Dam Road

7:05 Church Street Hancock Pond Road

7:15 Barron Road

7:20 Slipp Road

7:25 Embden Pond Road

7:35 Hall Street

7:37 High Street

7:39 Willow Street

7:42 Arrive at CCS

7:45 Arrive at CHS

Embden and Solon

Bus 14 D. Poirier

6:30 Embden Pond Road

6:45 Partridge Lane

6:48 Rusty Drive

6:55 East Shore Road

7:02 Moulton Road

7:06 Dunbar Hill Road

7:15 Crosstown Road

7:18 Ferry Street

7:20 S. Main Street

7:22 Solon Elementary School

7:28 Piper Road

7:30 Kennebec River Road

7:35 Arrive at CHS

7:38 Arrive at CCS

Bus 4 W. Dunlap

6:35 Kennebec River Road

6:40 Piper Road

6:43 Station Road

6:50 Bert Berry Road

7:00 Waugh Drive

7:05 Solon/ North Main Street

7:12 Overlook Lane

7:16 Rocky Road

7:20 Pleasant Street

7:23 School Street

7:25 Solon Elementary School

7:28 Ferry Street

7:30 Crosstown Road

7:32 Station Road

7:35 Solon Road

7:42 Arrive at CHS

7:45 Arrive at CCS

Bus 9 C. Hebert

6:25 Hole in the Wall Road

6:45 French Hill Road

6:50 LaCasce Road

6:55 Brown Farm Road

7:00 Grant Road

7:05 Drury Road

7:10 Brighton Road

7:15 York Street

7:20 Solon Elementary School

7:30 Arrive at CHS

7:35 Arrive at CCS

Bus 17 A. Pare’

6:20 Abnaki Drive

6:22 Fickett Lane

6:30 Hilltop Lane

6:32 Upper Rowell Mountain Road

6:40 Lower Rowell Mountain Road

6:43 South Solon Road

6:50 Parkman Hill Road

7:00 Boardman Road

7:05 Padham Road

7:15 South Main Street

7:20 Solon Elementary School (Students going to CCS and CHS will transfer to Bus 1.)

Bus 1 D. Brown

6:50 River Road

7:00 West Road

7:03 South Main Street

7:13 French Hill Road

7:18 Cross Street

7:20 Ferry Street

7:22 Solon Elementary School (Pick up transfer students from Bus 17)

7:30 Philpot Lane

7:37 Arrive at CHS

7:40 Arrive at CCS



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