Republicans are fighting back!

Going back to the 1950s and ’60s, when the wealthy paid 91 percent income tax, they were still very prosperous and everyone had a job, middle-class workers could buy homes, had insurance, could take a week’s vacation, get a pension and Social Security after 25 to 40 years’ work, and could help their kids go to college.

There was less crime, most people were respectful of each other and generally minded their own business. Well, enough is enough, Republicans will have no more of these “good times.”

Wall Street and corporations have no choice but to hold back $2 trillion they are holding for job creation because with lower employment Obama would surely win a second term, and we can’t have that!

How are we going to privatize Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Postal Service, get rid of unions and keep our beloved President Bush’s huge tax cuts ($800 billion) from expiring (we pay only 16 percent income tax now)?

What about our corporate welfare, I mean, subsidies, which we are getting in the hundreds of billions of dollars, even though we are already making billions? And, yes, we pay zero tax.

We paid Republicans, tea partiers and some Democrats dearly to keep them. Hands off!

We love our Constitution and Bill of Rights (we just want to make about 30 changes to it) and our Supreme Court, which miraculously made our corporations individuals.

(I foolishly thought individuals owned the corporations).

Overall things are looking good for 2012 since our base believes everything we and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News say, and the public’s short memory and gullibility really helps.

Give us control of the government and we won’t have to send any jobs overseas — we’ll get our cheap labor right here.

Gloria Fleming


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