My daughter Maegan graduated from Lawrence High School in Fairfield and is completing her seventh year in the U.S. Navy.

Being a corpswoman (medic), she is very caring. She has been the source of much pride and also much worry for her mom and I. She has spent the past four months on the USNS Comfort, a hospital ship in South America, Latin America, etc.

I spoke to her a few nights ago and she had not heard about the United States’ tragic loss of our 22 elite SEAL Team Six men and eight other Americans.

I know my daughter. I know her voice well. I regretted telling her. I still cannot imagine a Navy ship not flying the U.S. flag at half mast and not informing the sailors aboard the ship.

This tragic event brought tears to my eyes. This country suffered a tremendous loss. The Navy SEALs are a huge reason why America is America. Period.

All Americans should bow their heads and thank these heroes. And, yes, pray to God we can replace them. The U.S. military brass should be a little more respectful and honor the people who serve and appreciate the sacrifice our service members and their families endure.

Edwin Morris


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