FARMINGTON — Two men who set out separately to hunt birds ended up aiming shotguns at each other after they started arguing over property lines in a remote wooded area Wednesday morning, police said.

The confrontation started when Alan S. Henry, 56, came across the other man and accused him of trespassing on his private property off Twigsnapper Road, Police Chief Jack Peck said.

According to the police report, the two argued about the property boundary and then Henry pointed his 12-gauge shotgun at the other man, who responded by aiming his shotgun at Henry. After a tense standoff, the other man backed away and called 911 on a cellphone about 9:30 a.m., Peck said.

Police arrested Henry and charged him with terrorizing, Peck said. He did not release the other man’s identity.

The other man, who also lives on Twigsnapper Road, told police he tried to explain to Henry that another landowner had given him permission to hunt birds in the woods, Peck said.

Henry refused to talk to police, who believe the standoff happened on the 84 acres of woods owned by a Texas resident. The other man provided police with a document from the landowner that gives him permission to hunt on the land.

Later in the afternoon, armed with a warrant, police searched the trailer at 205 Twigsnapper Road where Henry lives. Peck said they seized the shotgun they believe was used by Henry in the incident. He said it was loaded with buckshot, which is ammunition used to hunt deer and has pellets that are larger than the cartridges used by bird hunters.

Peck didn’t know what kind of shotgun the other man was carrying.

Henry was released on $500 cash bail Wednesday from Franklin County Detention Center. He is scheduled for a Dec. 1 court appearance.

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