According to the Oct. 22 Morning Sentinel, many of Karen Heck’s signs for mayor have been either removed or destroyed.

Those who do so because they disagree with her or with other politicians’ positions, laws and referenda demonstrate close-mindedness, disrespect and irresponsible citizenship.

Why is Heck, in particular, the target of such assaults?

* We are accustomed to adhering to the status quo. No matter how, for instance, the downturn in the economy may be, we are unwilling to change the convenience of our consumptive, instantaneous lifestyle we are accustomed to.

* We resist any recommended changes even after disaster has befallen us, e.g., our home is foreclosed; we can no longer afford a brand new vehicle with innumerable accessories; we have lost our jobs.

* We become justifiably angry and even vengeful at the government, politicians we elected, and corporations for the predicament in which we find ourselves. However, do we take personal responsibility to examine and explore all aspects of our lives with flexibility and a positive attitude?

* We reject and fear those whose ideas are different from our own. We fail to acknowledge that those who go forward, who reject the status quo, who are able to think outside the box, who have fresh ideas that foster a healthier, happier and stronger community are really courageous individuals.

David Solmitz


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