I am an experienced executive. I am also a 99 percenter.

I have been looking for work for the past 2.7 years. I will not, can not quit. I will keep looking until I succeed or die. I work more at finding a job than what I would ever do on that job.

Millions find themselves in the same boat, out of work. Ironically, there is so much work to be done, but is left unattended to, because our legislators — read Republican — believe the “trickle down effect” of their corrupt supply side economics will create jobs. However history and the present horrible performance say otherwise. These representatives in the House oppose any economic solution the Obama administration proposes, calling it socialism. Additionally they seek to cut anything, safety nets being one, and job creation and development being two, that would stir the economy back to life; their goal — to undermine and cripple any effort to get us out of these economic doldrums, except what benefits only the 1 percent!

The governmental creation of jobs, to work at what needed to be accomplished, was brilliantly done during the Roosevelt administration, getting America out of the Great Depression and making us strong enough to emerge victorious in World War II. In contrast, the Harding, Coolidge and Hoover administrations, all Republican, who robbed the poor and gave to the rich, failed completely, leading to that depression.

Sound familiar? You bet it does. Folks, it is time to stand up, get rolling and move, with courage, strength and hope, to turn around these utterly ridiculous and at the same time tragic economic and political policies of the Republican Party.

Remember — “For the people, by the people of the people.” Not the 1 percent.

Wil Tibby

Mount Vernon

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