AUGUSTA – In the month prior to the arson at the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, waitress Krista MacIntyre had sex with coffee shop owner Donald Crabtree, frequent customer Jason Lunt as well as Raymond Bellavance, the man accused of burning down the Vassalboro shop.


MacIntyre testified this morning in Kennebec County Superior Court, the eighth day of Bellavance’s jury trial.


The state maintains that  Bellavance, 50, of Winthrop, set fire to the business on June 3, 2009, because he was jealous of MacIntyre working there and her relationships with other men.


“I wasn’t in a relationship with any of these men,” she told Deputy District Attorney Alan Kelley in court today. “I wasn’t around them all the time.”


MacIntyre testified that she lied in an affidavit March 10, 2009, when she sought a protection from abuse order against Bellavance a day after he went to her workplace and – the prosecution says – tried to get her fired.


“I’m scared for my safety,” MacIntyre wrote seeking the order against Bellavance. “He tells me no one will ever have you; you are mine until I die.”


MacIntyre said she argued frequently with Crabtree, who would then “fire” her for a few days and then take her back.


She also said she never gave a direct answer when Crabtree asked her to accompany him to a Vassalboro public meeting that took place hours prior to the fire, which was reported just before 1 a.m.


When Kelley took MacIntyre step by step through a statement she made several days after the fire, she responded, “correct.”


And she told Kelley numerous times: “I don’t remember; I really don’t. There’s a lot to remember about this case. I’m trying hard to remember.”

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