AUGUSTA — Peter George Bathgate II will spend 45 years behind bars for murdering a man in December 2010 by stabbing him and running him over with his own truck.

Bathgate pleaded guilty Friday to killing Paul Allen, 47, and was sentenced immediately to the term recommended by both the state and the defense attorneys.

Bathgate told police he was jealous because Allen had flirted with Jessica Jones, who was Bathgate’s girlfriend and the mother of his child. Both Bathgate and Allen lived in Augusta at the time.

Justice Michaela Murphy noted that the 45-year sentence was “close to a life sentence” for Bathgate, 31.

Paul Allen’s brother, Terrance Allen, of Portland, told the judge that Bathgate “took the only sibling I ever grew up with away,” though he also offered prayers for Bathgate’s family.

“They are all innocent bystanders as well,” he said.

Allen’s wife, Kathleen, and eldest son submitted victim statements in writing to the judge, but did not speak in court. Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson said Allen’s family supported the 45-year sentence.

Benson described to the judge Bathgate’s confession about how Allen died. Bathgate lured Allen to a rural area of Hallowell early on Dec. 3, 2010, struck him with a cane and his fists and stomped him with steel-toed boots, Benson said.

“When Allen fought back, (Bathgate) stabbed him in the back three or four times,” Benson said.

Bathgate then drove off in Allen’s truck, but went in the wrong direction. After he turned and headed back, Bathgate saw Allen sitting up, and “he decided to run Paul Allen over with his own truck, which he did,” Benson said.

Benson said Bathgate then dragged Allen’s body out of sight of the road.

The discovery of Allen’s abandoned truck started a police search for Allen. His body was discovered on Dec. 5, 2010, with the aid of cadaver dogs on Winthrop Street, near the entrance to a quarry, less than a mile from where his truck was found.

Bathgate was arrested two days later after police used tear gas to end a hours-long standoff on Washington Street in Augusta, where Bathgate had holed up in a vacant apartment.

Bathgate showed investigators where he threw his boots into Cobbossee Lake — divers recovered them — and where he had thrown his socks away on Neck Road in Sidney. He also led them to an area on West River Road where they found his knife and a cloth.

Allen’s blood was found both on and in his truck, Benson said.

Bathgate did not say anything at the sentencing hearing Friday except to acknowledge to the judge that he understood the consequences of pleading guilty and that he would be unable to appeal the sentence since he had agreed to it.

Kevin Sullivan, Bathgate’s attorney, said his client confessed almost immediately.

“He has been adamant that he wanted to accept responsibility for this,” Sullivan said.

The attorney also said his client decided against making a statement at the sentencing because he didn’t want to “inadvertently cause any more harm” to Allen’s family.

On Friday, Bathgate had a shaved head — in contrast to longer hair in his earlier court appearances — and had shaved his mustache and beard. He wore a green jail uniform, and his legs were shackled and his wrists were hand-cuffed to a belt around his waist.

The judge noted that Bathgate, who was born in Waterville, had no criminal record prior to the killing.

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