Hello readers! My name is Robert Brones, and I really need your help.

I can guess you are all, like, “Oh my gosh! This little kid wants my help? It’s no big deal!” But for me, this is a huge deal. We are having state reports, for two months long. Also, I’m aiming for an A.

For my report, I’m going to need anything possible. I know that Maine gets lots of snow, so I’m expecting mountain-based things. Is there a certain type of specialty Maine is famous for? Are there any photos about Maine’s great landmarks? Are there any souvenirs? I know Maine has a lot of great stuff, but I don’t know exactly what. But like I said, anything helps.

Something else I’m going to need is not an item, but it’s to get this in your local newspaper. Thanks a ton if you’re reading this in your local news right now. Imagine, getting this in the news would be a huge help, and I would get support from real people. It would maximize my possibility for an A.

Some info you probably need is: We are doing reports on geography, history, and maybe something else. Right now the only thing we are working on is preparation for the reports, and sending letters.

Therefore, thanks a ton this gets in the paper. But thanks a million if you’re considering sending me items by mail. But keep in mind, anything will help. You are epic if you have read this far, because this is pretty much the end of the letter. Thank you a billion!



Robert Brones

Conway School

Ms. del Bosque’s class

19710 SR 534

Mount Vernon, WA 98274

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