GARDINER — The City Council has approved the final plan for a small boundary line change with Farmingdale.

The change, now filed with the Kennebec County Registry of Deeds Office, establishing the line dividing the two communities on the south side of Northern Avenue.

It solved the problem of tax maps in each community showing a different boundary lines.

Councilors voted unanimously on Wednesday to register the new boundary line. Eugene Moreau, a former Farmingdale selectman who headed up the project said plans to distribute copies of the map to everyone involved.

“It was a project well done,” he said. “We had excellent cooperation. It’s nice doing business like that.”

Gardiner City Manager Scott Morelli said Gardiner’s tax maps showed the city owning the road from, and including, Adams Street to a short distance before Maine Avenue. Farmingdale’s maps showed the town owning the road from, and including, Adams Street to the center line of Northern Avenue, continuing down to Maine Avenue.

Moreau said the Farmingdale town line on Adams Street will run along the east side through the Gardiner Apartments.

The issue came up when the town of Farmingdale made plans to repave the lower end of Northern Avenue from Maine Avenue to Sheldon Street.

“Staff from both communities work cooperatively and at the end of the day the best result was achieved for both,” Morelli said.

In other business, councilors on Wednesday considered the first reading of the city’s revised voting districts as a result of the 2010 Census.

“The voting districts are required by charter to be updated every 10 years,” Morelli said. “Gardiner’s four districts each needed to be tweaked up or down so that the voting population within each are roughly equal.”

Councilors are scheduled to hold a second reading of the changes to voting districts on April 4.

The changes:

* District 1: Add 70 voters from District 2 to District 1 on Cedar Street, Townsend Road, and Harrison Avenue from house number 58 to 244.

* District 2: Add even side house numbers on Elm Street from District 3 to District 2; move District 2 voters on Marston Road voters from 168 to 350 on the even side to District 4; move the following streets from District 4 to District 2: Blake’s Hill Road, Purington’s Lane, Ledgwood Lane, 683-840 Brunswick Avenue, Cary Lane, odd side of Marston Road from 423 to 483, Slamin Way, Maschino Lane, Rolfe Circle, Stonewall Lane, Mark’s Lane, Rustic Lane.

* District 3: Move Elm Street voters from District 3 to District 2.

* District 4: Add even side Marston Road voters from 168 through 350 to District 4 and move the following voters from District 4 to District 2: Blake’s Hill, Purington’s Lane, Ledgwood Lane, 683 through 840 on Brunswick Avenue, Cary Lane, 423 through 483 on the odd side of Marston Road, Slamin Way, Maschino Lane, Rolfe Circle, Stonewall Lane, Mark’s Lane, Rustic Lane.

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