BANGOR — The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency says it’s made three arrests for trafficking in bath salts and other drugs following raids in the Bangor area.

Commander Darrell Crandall says drug agents and police disrupted an organization responsible for importing and distributing large quantities of the synthetic hallucinogen known as bath salts and other drugs including marijuana, psilocybin and oxycodone.

The operation was broken up following raids Wednesday night and this morning in homes in Hudson and Bangor and a storage locker in Newburgh.

Police say 27-year-old Ryan Orton of Hudson faces several charges of trafficking and furnishing drugs and possession of a firearm by a felon. Orton’s girlfriend, 20-year-old Alyssa Farrington, is charged with trafficking and furnishing, and 29-year-old Kristy Harris of Bangor is charged with trafficking.

More arrests are expected.


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