DEXTER — Ridge View Community School recently announced its third quarter honor roll.

Grade 8 — High honors: Katherine Batron, Celine Beaudry, Jaina Boyd, Cassidy Brown, Arielle Carlow, Jenna Crane, Pascal Cyr, Kyle Emerson, Forrest Fanjoy, Tyra Gnade, Tatum Green, Jared Grinnell, Mariah Hughes, Alexis Kerr, Airiell Knowlton, Alex Millette, Christie Nicholas, Libby Toothaker, Thorn Tremblay, DeAnn Watson, Emily Watson, Hannah Wigham, Abigail Zanzucchi

Honors: Stacey Allen, Dustin Belanger, Riley Bishop, Lauren Bruce, Zachary Caron, Shelby Clukey, Seth Fick, Natasha Garnett, Kassey Gould, Bryce Greaves, Katilyn Hall, Ciera Handy, Lacey Harding, Dayle Iverson, Diana Mauro, Katelyn Morgan, Emmalee Moulton, Kaitlyn Paquin, Aaron Perkins, Phoebe Phillips, Joseph Qualey, Emmitt Ross, Landon Shaw, Makayla Smith, Katrina Stalter, Erica Summerhill, Bryce Sweet, Shay Tremblay, Daniel Wallace and Autumn-Mae Young.

Grade 7 — High honors: Reed Fanjoy, Hannah Farrar, Brayden Miller, Ashley Reynolds, William Strauch, Abigail Webber and Peyton Webber.

Honors: Brandon Allen, Samantha Bartlett, Grace Belanger, Alyssa Brasier, Caleb Cyr, Alyssa Davis, Olivia Day, Autumn Dow, Victoria Dyer, Jacob Hesseltine, Regan King, Kilee Lewis, Autumn Nickerson, Megan Peach, Chandler Perkins, Nathan Simcock, Caitlin Stimson, Kirsten Swimm, Dakota White, Zachary White and Jasmine Woodard.

Grade 6 — hHgh honors: Rebecca Batron, Bailey Bligh, Garrett Colbath, Madeleine Demoranville, Jesse Federico, Gabrielle Grant, Tylor Handy, Dominic Pagnani-McLean, Andrew Pinkham, Hayley Rossman and Kaitlyn Webber.

Honors: Kellie Bache, Tyler Beem, Jacob Bickford, Andrew Carlow, Lily Cummings, Mathison Deering, Andrew Dunn, Morgan Gilman, Alex Gould, Brittany Gould, Brayden Greaves, Matthew Hanscome, Domanic Lovely, Kaitlyn McComb, Harris Millette, Olivia Peirce, Lucas Qualey, Autumn Quimby, Matthew Richards, Kayla Robinson, Kayla Rutledge, Joshua Simcock, Starr Tasker, Savanna Tilley, Matthew Watson, Olivia Webber and Jessica Wilson.

Grade 5 — High honors: Isabella Adam, Ethan Boutilier, Alexander Briggs, Ashley Downing, Katie Gatchell, Jordan Hughes, Shannon O’Roak, Abigail Paige, Abigail Quimby, Jayna Robinson, Christopher Roderka, Aino Rudloff-Eastman, Matthew Sickles, Morgan Smith and Hunter Speed.

Honors: Dillion Allen, Victoria Asbury, Samantha Bishop, Dakota Bouley, Danielle Cummings, Ryan Davis, Kaylee Deering, Peyton Desmarais, Chase Dyer, Nicholas Eggen, Christopher Fitzgerald, Mackenzie Gould, Paige Gudroe, Kaylee Harris, Brandon Higgins, Devan Hunter, Autumn Irwin, Spencer Jubinville, Jacob Lizotte, Lilli McCormack, Jared Rogers, Trevyn Sinclair, Tory Stone, Taylor Weeks, Elyce Wigham and Shayla Woodard.

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