Automotive technology — high honors: Micah Mills, Christopher Turner and Robert Clark, all of Messalonskee High School; David Mawhinney, of Lawrence High School.

Honors: Tyler Cabana of WSHS; Austin Bard and Justin Rollins, both of MHS; Travis Gallion of Temple Academy; Kevin Chamberlain and Alfred McIntyre, both of LHS; Tyler Lunt and Benjamin Stewart, both of WHS.

Computer aided drafting — high honors: Ilya Bolduc and Connor Chapman, both of Winslow High School; Kenneth Dyer of Waterville Senior High School; Jacob Farrington of MHS; Ty Guerin and Logan Hewes, both of WHS; Hailey LaPierre and Matthew Quinn, both of LHS; Kelsea Tortorella and Benjamin Wehry, both of WSHS.

Honors: Kelley Huff opf LHS; Charles Bowring, John-Peter Michaud, Cody Richard and Shayne Sherby, all of WSHS.

Computer technology — high honors: Bryant Proctor and Bradley Bickford, both of MHS; Tyler Barrieault of WHS; Jacob French and Jeremy Nguyen, both of WSHS.

Honors: Mitchell Bolieau of LHS, Ryan King of WHS and Luis Santos of WSHS.


Construction technology — high honors: Shane Cater and Roy Barnaby, both of LHS; Dylan Clark, Justin McKenna and Richard Shibles, all of MHS; Michael Joslyn of WHS.

CTE Academy — honors: Alisha Biddle of MSH; Nicole Tardiff and Michael Pratt, both of WSHS.

Honors:Sarah Richardson, Sarah Richardson and Chad Steward, all of MHS; Chad Waceken of WHS; David Cannon William Edmunds-Francis, Kyle LeClair, Erica Turner, Christopher Warner, all of LHS.

Culinary arts — high honors: Chauntelle Anthony, Aiyana Cain, Courtney Gallant, Dylan Davis, all of WHS; Sarah Brazz, Hunter Willette, Lyndsey Fecteau, Sadie Shaw, Jessica Veilleux, Marden all of MSH; Kyle Calvo and Jared Wing, both of WHS; Keagan Crowell of LHS.

Honors: Meagan Halliday and Casey Wrigley, both of MHS; Amanda Wolfe of WHS.

Digital graphics — high honors: Ryan Lovett, Lucas Mosher, Samantha Marden, all of MHS; Jenna Moody and Johnna Poulin, both of LHS; Cody Morrison and Kyrie Tompkins, both of Winslow; Elisabeth Roscoe of WALT.


Honors: Jessica Giroux of LHS; Alyssa Massey of WSHS; Krieg Sirois and Joseph Wilson, both of WHS.

Early child education — high honors: Kristen Arbour, Nicole Collier, Ashley Landry, Leeannza Delosh and Nikki Tracy, all of MHS; Megan Bean, Emily Champine, Kali Emery and Katherine Royer, all of LHS; Katelyn Bragg and Amber LaPierre, both of WSHS; Reagan Cain and Tamerlaine Seamans, both of WHS.

Honors: Nicole Knowlton, Maurisa LaPlante, Brittnie Lawler, Danielle Armour, Montanah Herbert, all of LHS;Caroline Millecamof WSHS; Donna Nickerson and RaeAnn Mushrow, WHS; Tiffany Beaulieu, Brittany Trepanier and Kelsey Wood, all of MHS.

Electrical technology — high honors: Jonathan Farrell or WHS, Christopher Trembly of MHS and Stewart Thomas of LHS.

Honors: Evan Thurlow of WSHS; Jesse Bedard and Johanna Coulombe, both of MHS; Cody Speropolous, Dayton Bourassa, Ernest Cyr and Zachary O’Connor, all of WHS; Spencer Sweatt, Spencer Shores and Bryant Wade, all of LHS.

Emergency services — high honors: Michael Benecke, Nathan Bernier and Ethan Foss, all of MHS; Megan Moen, Benjamin Richards, Nicholas Richardson and Nicholas Routhier, all of LHS.


Honors: Dylan Allard, Jeremy Beeney, Alexander DeWitt and Emma Kroemer, all of MSH; Dakota Strout and Zachary Switzer, both of WHS.

Medical careers — high honors: Carolynn Bagley, Kaylee Bates, Noelle Violette, Hannah Ainslie, Mikayla French, Brianna Garland, Catie Levensailor, Vanessa Yanelli Redlevske and Emily York, all of MHS; Britney Jandreau ofWaterville; Kaitlyn Martin, Melisa Nye, Ana Ramon and Emma-Leigh Rioux, all of LHS; Amanda Richards of WHS.

Honors: Katelyn Chase and Elizabeth Salisbury, both of LHS; Angela Albert and Kelsey Bjorkman, both of WALT; Cassandra Hutchins and Megan Pyska WHS; David Lamanteer of WSHS.

Precision machining — high honors: Matthew Haney and Blake Philbrick, both of MHS; Edward Kimball, Cameron Tibbetts and Ty Guerin, all of Winslow; Nicholas Weymouth of LHS.

Honors: Dakota Allard and Jakub Jandreau, both of MHS; Zachary Carey of WSHS and Gregory Manocchio of WHS.

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