DERRY, N.H. — It was John Boehner versus Big Bird on Monday as both presidential campaigns tried to attract attention in New Hampshire with less than a month to go before the election.

Boehner, the Ohio Republican speaker of the U.S. House, rallied Mitt Romney supporters at the campaign’s office in Derry.

Outside, Democratic President Barack Obama’s campaign staged a small protest featuring someone dressed up in a slightly shabby Big Bird costume, holding a sign accusing Romney of being “soft on Wall Street — tough on Sesame Street.” The gimmick was meant to highlight comments Romney made in last week’s debate about wanting to cut federal funding for PBS despite loving Big Bird.

Romney supporters stuck a “Romney-Ryan” sticker on the shorter, skinnier bird’s back and made scornful comments about Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street gang being “part of the 1 percent” thanks to lucrative merchandising revenue.

Boehner, who did not cross paths with the Big Bird wannabe, spoke for about five minutes inside the campaign office. He praised Romney’s debate performance, saying he “made the sale in a big way,” and smartly focused on “the economy, the economy and the economy.”

“The American people vote with their wallets,” he said. “This is an election about getting the economy going again and getting the American people back to work.”


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