By now, most people have heard Mitt Romney’s statement about the 47 percenters. — those people who are dependent on the government to take care of them. Poor things. They aren’t ambitious enough or smart enough to take care of themselves.

This set me to thinking. Just who are the 47 percent? I guess we have to include everyone who derives benefit from any government agency or project.

Let’s see: There are those on Social Security. They put their earnings into a government program all their lives to enjoy a few years of retirement.

Those on Medicare; same thing, to take care of their health in old age. The roads and highways were built and maintained by a government. Same for fire and police protection.

We all complain if a cop gives us a ticket. Let’s face it, if there were no tickets, there would be more serious collisions. Good thing the government was there to help protect us.

Let’s not forget the gas we put in our automobiles. Without government subsidies, we would be paying nearly $10 per gallon for the gas we use. Oh, and how about our educations? Without that we wouldn’t be able to read the advertisements that direct us to our Walmarts and other private enterprises we are so in love with.


The 47 percent now has risen to virtually 100 percent.

Don’t give me the old excuse that many services are provided by local government. If we look closely, one of the ever-present contributors to local government is our federal government.

So we come to the question: Who are the 47 percent? I guess, when we come right down to it, we are all the 47 percent.

The only question remaining now is: Have you been insulted enough?

Peter P. Sirois


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