High School students throughout the state auditioned for the All-State Jazz Ensemble in October at the University of Maine Augusta. The festival will take place Jan. 3-5, 2013, at Bangor High School.

The following students were named to the ensemble:

Jazz Combo

Alto sax — Hunter Lyons, Fryeburg Academy; tenor sax — Gary Sanville, Westbrook; trumpet — Alex Quinn, South Portland; trumpet — James Yokavaskas, Cape Elizabeth; piano — Alex Haan, Falmouth; guitar — Jesse Lupica-Nowlin, Portland; Bass — Nick Thompson-Brown, Deering; drums — Sarah Gooch, Greely.

Honors Jazz Band

Alto 1 — Emma Mooradian, Falmouth; alto 2 — Mollie Braley, Greely; tenor 1 — Whitney Wallace, Westbrook; tenor 2 — Hannah Vilas, Brunswick; Bari — Alexandra Ertman, Falmouth; trumpet 1 — Nick Turner, Brewer; trumpet 2 — Kathryn Eldridge, Brunswick; trumpet 3 — Taylor Knowles, South Portland; trumpet 4 — Andrew Bobker, Brunswick; trumpet 5 (split lead) — Christopher Harris, Brewer ; trombone 1 — Walter Martin, Brunswick; trombone 2 — Caroline George, Cheverus; trombone 3 — Charles Key, South Portland; trombone 4 — Gabby Bouchard, Greely; trombone 5 — Kayla Bousfield, John Bapst; piano — Nathaniel Vilas, Brunswick; guitar — Max Rowe, Waynflete; bass — Jaymes Riley, Waterville; drums — Nickolas Groat, Falmouth.

Jazz Band

Alto 1 — Joe Waring, Brunswick; alto 2 — Lindsay Mower, Nokomis; tenor 1 — Will Silvers, Greely; tenor 2 — Karl Munroe, Yarmouth; bari — Cole Lemelin, South Portland; trombone 1 — Tessa Hauptman, Brunswick; trombone 2 — Mason Duplissie, Brewer; trombone 3 — Cameron Dehais, Greely; trombone 4 — Peter Howell, GSA; trombone 5 — Kyle Milbourn, Brunswick; trumpet 1 — Hannah Edgecomb, MDI; trumpet 2 — Ian Edgecomb, Yarmouth; trumpet 3 — Ryan Ward, Brewer ; trumpet 4 — Sarah Willis, Ellsworth; trumpet 5 — Kevin Sandefur, Lincoln Academy; trumpet 5 — Sally Keiter, South Portland; drums — Eli Cohen, Mt. Blue; piano — Noah Landis, Berwick Academy; guitar — Nicholas Steenberg, GSA; vibes — E. Zhang, GSA; bass — Hannah Judd, Brunswick.

Jazz Choir

Soprano: Caroline Homer, MDI; Monica Wilbur, Bangor; Katherine Parsons, MDI; Julia Warnock, Falmouth; Rose Upton, Bapst; Kristen Veayo, Hall-Dale; Kelsey Coyne, Falmouth; Hannah Allen, Fryeburg.

Alto: Hattie Simon, Thornton; Sarah Lopez, Lewiston; Lahana Palencia, MCI; Erin Duguay, Brunswick; Mikayla Floerchinger, Lewiston; Kassidee York, Hall Dale; Teresa Murphy, Brunswick; Maddy Whittemore, Yarmouth.

Tenor: Grant Richards, Belfast; Aaron Lockman, Thornton; Noah Paradis, Scarborough; Griffin Han-Laline, Lincoln; Tyler Wood, MDI; Justin Dinicola, Nokomis; Jared Woodbury, Nokomis; Drew Wells, Scarborough.

Bass: Steven Flaherty, Fryeburg; Riley Engelberger, Falmouth; Matt Estabrook, Falmouth; Teag Vest, Yarmouth; Matt Clark, Gardiner; Harry Munroe, Yarmouth; Jacob McKay, Bangor; Will Vafiades, Scarborough; Will Sennett, Waterville.

Jazz Choir

Guitar — Patrick Brown, Brunswick.

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