MADISON — The town is launching a series of meetings to gather public comment about its plan for long-term development.

Monday’s session will be the first in a series of Common Vision community meetings held to discuss the town’s comprehensive plan. It is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at Old Point Elementary School.

Each meeting in the series, which will be held monthly through August, will focus on a different aspect of community life, such as administration and the Town Office, the police and fire departments, the local school district, the economy and waste management, according to a schedule on the town website.

The Planning Board is in charge of writing the comprehensive plan and is scheduled to meet between each community meeting to review the public feedback and make changes to the plan.

“The key component we are looking for is feedback from the public. A lot of the other legwork, such as gathering statistics and doing research, has already been done,” said Tim Curtis, the town consultant for community and economic development.

Town Manager Dana Berry said the last comprehensive plan was completed in 1999 and that the town has been working on revisions for the last few months.


In October it hired Curtis as a consultant to work on the five- to 10-year plan.

Curtis said the goal is that the comprehensive plan be finished by the end of 2013, at which time the town would vote on whether to approve it.

Some of the items for consideration at Monday’s meeting, which will address administration, the Town Office and the police and fire departments, include whether improvements should be made to the Town Office, a possible addition to public safety facilities, and how the town can improve educational outreach.

The schedule for the Common Vision meetings is as follows and is also available on the town website:

* Monday: Administration/Town Office; police and fire departments.

* Feb. 4: School Administrative District 59; solid waste and recycling.


* March 4: Housing valuation and taxation, local economy and TIF planning; business assistance planning.

* April 1: Transportation, roads and highways; water resources, public water and sewer.

* May 6: Outdoor recreation; natural resources.

* July 1: Historical and archaeological resources; agriculture and forest resources.

* Aug. 5: Fiscal capacity and capital investment plan; wrap-up on topics as needed.

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