WATERVILLE — A construction worker with a warrant out for his arrest was nabbed Monday at the site of the new police station after he locked himself out of his vehicle and called police for help.

Scott Newton, 26, of 183 Togus Road, Chelsea, was arrested without incident at the Colby Street construction site for failure to appear in court, police Chief Joseph Massey said. Newton missed a court appearance to face a charge of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

Massey wasn’t sure why Newton’s license was suspended or whether Newton was aware that he was the subject of an arrest warrant when he called police for help.

Newton was released on $620 bail and is scheduled to face the failure-to-appear charge, a misdemeanor, on Feb. 5 in Waterville District Court.

Police in Waterville routinely provide lockout service for motorists; however, before letting someone into a vehicle, police run the motorist’s license and registration information through their system to confirm ownership. Any arrest warrants would appear during the same check, Massey said.


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