The Works Bakery Cafe, which has a location at 15 Temple St. in Portland, has warned customers of a possible data breach that could compromise their debit card or credit card information.

Richard French, the company’s founder, released a statement Friday that the company’s point of sale computer systems may have been infected by a malware program that is designed to gather information directly from the cards as they are swiped.

French said federal authorities have advised customers who used a debit or credit card at any one of its locations between mid-January and Feb. 1 should contact their financial institution immediately to report the potential compromise.

Any card used at the company’s locations should be canceled and reissued, federal authorities advised.

French said the company had state-of-the art cyber security in place when the breach took place. It has installed more security measures since they became aware of the breach, French said.

The Works Bakery, based in Keene, N.H., has other locations in Manchester and Brattleboro, Vt., and Portsmouth and Concord, N.H.

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