WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center recently completed its Local Skills Championships.

The Skills Championships included 125 students competing in 23 individual competitions in technical skills, and 58 business and industry representatives from the greater Waterville area served as judges.

The gold medalist in each competition has qualified to represent MMTC at the State SkillsUSA Championships March 14 and 15 in Bangor. For the past 22 years, MMTC students have been recognized as the top competitors at the state championships.

MMTC students represent Waterville Senior High School, Winslow High School, Lawrence High School, Messalonskee High School.

The MMTC championship results:

Advertising design: gold, Stephanie Bradstreet, Lawrence; silver, Ceira Emerson-Moody, Waterville; bronze, Jenna Beliveau, Lawrence.

Apple Technician: gold, Collin Knox, Messalonskee; silver, Samantha Bonczyk, Messalonskee; bronze, Ryan King, Winslow.

Automotive service technology: gold, Christopher Turner, Messalonskee; silver, Benjamin Stewart, Winslow; bronze, Tyler Lunt, Winslow.

Cabinetmaking: gold, Michael Theriault, Waterville; silver, Trevor Meader, Messalonskee; bronze, Ian Wyman, Lawrence.

Carpentry: gold, Benjamin Wehry, Waterville; silver, Samuel Wehry, Waterville; bronze, Dakota Witham, Messalonskee.

Collision refinishing technology: gold, Joshua Wilde, Winslow; silver, Julie Steiner, Messalonskee.

Collision repair technology: gold, Jacob Brown, Lawrence; silver, Cody Cunningham, Lawrence; bronze, Paul Willette, Winslow.

Commercial baking: gold, Jayme Saulter, Waterville; silver, Alex Hamlin, Lawrence; bronze, Sacharis Tirado, Waterville.

Computer maintenance technology: gold, Aaron Audet, Lawrence; silver, Daniel Paradis, Winslow; bronze, Jacob Montgomery, Waterville.

Culinary Arts: gold, Dustin Williams, Winslow; silver, Keelan DeVogt, Waterville; bronze, Ethan Pease, Messalonskee.

Digital cinema production: gold, Anthony Dimarco, Messalonskee, and Jordan Hachey, Winslow; silver, Alexander Munro and Jaymes Riley, Waterville.

First aid/CPR: gold, Cailyn Gordon, Messalonskee; silver, Makenzie Kohler, Messalonskee; bronze, Rachyl Clement, Messalonskee.

Firefighting: gold, Caelin Kelsey, Messalonskee; silver, Roger Green, Messalonskee; bronze, Paul Mann, Waterville.

Job skill demonstration: gold, Makenzie Kohler, Messalonskee; silver, Matthew Bady, Waterville; bronze, Kacy Boutot, Winslow.

Medical math: gold, Kelsey Marcia, Waterville; silver, Alice Cole, Winslow; bronze, Mariah Bryant, Messalonskee.

Medical terminology: gold, Jessica Fullerton, Messalonskee; silver, Heather King, Lawrence; bronze, Sarah Cabana, Waterville.

Nurse assisting; gold, Amber Bourassa, Winslow; silver, Jessica Fullerton, Messalonskee; bronze, Sarah Cabana, Waterville.

Photography: gold, Rebecca Willett, Waterville; silver, Samantha Jamison, Waterville; bronze, Megan McAvoy, Messalonskee.

Precision machining technology: gold, Gregory Manocchio, Winslow; silver, Blake Philbrick, Messalonskee; bronze, Logan Hewes, Winslow.

Preschool teaching assistant: gold, Tamerlaine Seamans, Winslow; silver, Sara Gilbert, Winslow; bronze, Tandaway Cunningham, Messalonskee.

Related technical math: gold, Cameron Tibbetts, Winslow; silver, Amanda Tran, Waterville; bronze, Dylan Stevens, Messalonskee.

Residential wiring: gold, Sheridan Gustin, Messalonskee; silver, Christopher Trembly, Messalonskee; bronze, Dylan Hawes, Messalonskee.

Television (video) production: gold, Kyle Gravel and Myles Welsh, Winslow; silver, Jack Rohner, Messalonskee, and James Robe, Waterville; bronze, Garrett Derosby, Waterville.

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