SKOWHEGAN — Skowhegan Area High School announces its second-quarter honor roll.

Seniors — all As: Erica Blake, Jasen Dickey, Katelynn Lizotte, Ryley Burkhart and Sarah Finnemore.

High honors: Alexander Baker, Alexis Lanctot, Ali York, Amanda Saucier, Anne-Marie Provencal, Benjamin Clement, Celie Deagle, Deanna Hayden, Derek McCarty, Dominique Doane, Jared Burns, Jillian Redmond, Jordan Chapman, Josey Towle, Kaitlyn Wood, Kaitlynn McGuire, Lanie Spencer, Lauren Crossman, Makaela Michonski, Racheal French, Samantha Collins, Samantha Santos, Sharlene Stanton, Stephanie Caswell and Trevor Thebarge.

Honors: Adriana Martineau, Lapointe, Caleb Foster, Camden DesPres, Carter Stevens, Chase McKenney, Christie Smith, Christine Holt, Destiny Dickey, Donald Ferrara, Gabrielle Tenan, Garrett Anderson, Hailey Atkinson, Logan Wiseman, Lucas Wallace, Renee Libby, Robin Kelly and Shelby Obert.

Juniors — all As: Delaney Curran, Devin Lachapelle, Grady Aldrich, Isabella Martins Netto and Monique Mills.

High honors: Abbie Richardson, Adam Clukey, Alanna Wacome, Allison Lancaster, Austin Frederick, Camellia Carrier, Chase Nelson, Chase Whittemore, Christine Locke, Emily Shrader, Emma Fitzgerald, Ethan Liberty, Hannah Todd, Heather Lupo, John Swett, Kaitlyn Therriault, Michaela Charles, Nicolette Curran, Paulina Pysna, Rafael Guillermo, Rebecca Mosier, Samuel Edmondson and Sheron Vertuan.

Honors: Alisyn Gilblair, Andrea Engler, Andrea Quirion, Benjamin Salley, David Brown, Dylan Jardine, Erin Wiles, Jacob Violette, Jessica Meng, Melissa Kelly, Michala Lange, Rachel Pratt and Taylor Johnson.

Sophomores — all As: Eben Lenfest, Justin Ramos, Lyric Deagle and Megan Hooper.

High honors: Alyse Whittemore, Cailee Manzer, Caitlyn Young, Dana Quimby, Daniel Quirion, David Coombs, Dean Jones, Dequan Frost, Devin Tracy, Dylan Blanchet, Emily Greaney, Emily Sincyr, Jaclyn Frazier, Jaycee Cushman, Kaleb Brown, Lindsay Cayford, Maria Dodge, Olivia French, Paige Witham, Rebecca Bell, Ryan Prentiss, Rylie Blanchet, Vanessa Schaeffer, Victoria Mullin, Wendy Coulombe and William Kelly.

Honors: Allison Mitchell, Brittany Woodman, Courtney Ireland, Eli Holland, Emma Downing, Jayme Safford, Jessica Whitney, Kaylee Pomelow, Kristin Smart, Michaela Lewia, Noah Stevens, Roberta Sutton, Rylee Jackson, Sarena Pollis, Star Sabins and Tyler Chartrand.

Freshmen — all As: Alicia Lam, Allison Bussiere, Deliliah Jordan, Ellie Demmons, Leah Kruse, Mackenzie Warren, Seth Pratt, Sydney Cooke and Zoe Perkins.

High honors: Addison Parrish-King, Alexander Paul, Alida Bickford, Alyssa Cobb, Benjamin Hatch, Benjamin Martin-Cooney, Brandon Lapointe, Braydn Fitzmaurice, Brooke Curtis, Brooke Michonski, Cole Bitgood, David Washburn, Emily Adams, Issac Witham, Kaetlyn Stinson, Kristen Salley, Luke Swett, Mariska Thayagan, Miranda Dudley, Monique Thompson, Montana Soucier, Oakley Fortin, Robert Knowles, Samuel Baker, Savannah Albert and Shaylin Gilchrist, Tamera True, Tanner Towle, Timothy Nadeau, Todd Jones and Tyler Perkins.

Honors: Amanda Enos, Cassandra McChord, Ciara Walker, Daniel Griffeth, Eliza Bedard, Gurdon-Tyler Boothby, Izaiah Blodgett, Patrick Crowley, Regan Billings Pearce, Ryke Dorr, Samuel Haver, Spencer Salley, Tracey Swanson and Zachary Chapman.

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