One Maine governor gave away the Maine liquor store profits. Now another governor wants it back.

I remember when people opposed to privatizing the liquor business said, “The biggest business the state has, and we are giving it away.”

Gov. Angus King gave Plum Creek the rights to harvest timber and promised it was a paper company venture and it would not be subdivided. Does anyone else remember the promises?

Now after a lull, the East-West (wrong way) Highway has again reared its ugly head.

Quiet is not the answer for this fiasco. Maine people should be screaming loud. We do not need this waste of public and private land. Maine and its people should fight this.

This highway is another example of a rich company imposing its will on the poor. Another way to provide jobs for a few and cost the taxpayers more. The infrastructure of this state is falling apart. We do not need to take on another huge burden.

We need to say “no” to this East-West Highway nonsense.

Ed Morris


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