It’s unfortunate that, whether Republicans or Democrats are in power, the expansion of the government’s intrusion into our lives is not only maintained from the previous administration but is expanded in new ways.

In spite of the indignation at government overreach expressed by Democratic candidates, including Barack Obama, none of these practices has been substantially eliminated and, in fact, new ones have been found to be “necessary” by various federal agencies.

Witness, for example, the Justice Department search of the phone records of Associated Press editors and reporters and the heavy-handed IRS review of the potential tax-exempt status of some conservative groups.

Federal agencies such as the IRS and the Justice Department seem to be disdainfully impervious to whatever privacy rights liberals and conservatives may think they have.

How to challenge these abridgments of freedom should be foremost in the mind of every citizen wishing to preserve our liberty. However, my advice is not to worry that some activity of ours will go unrecognized. There will always be a nearby video camera or drone to preserve our every move for the record and for “Big Brother.”

Bob Dodge, Augusta

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