Regarding: “Our bad boys deserve a flag” (May 25) — I would like to let it be known that Libby Doak and I weren’t alone in the cleanup and flagging effort of Chelsea’s cemeteries.

Myra Drisko has placed flags on veterans’ graves for a number of years now. Bob and Lee Burns alone cleared brush and cut trees in the Chelsea Heights Cemetery and the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office sent 11 young men under the supervision of officers Childs and Anderson to snip, clip, clean, rake and carry away brush, limbs and rotted trees. A large contingent of Chelsea Volunteer Fire Department men also came with chain saws, a chipper and brush cutters. Between the two groups, two cemeteries were cleared, cleaned and raked. And what a job they did!

Many of our veterans of past wars lie forgotten, their final resting places neglected and we simply think that a full measure of respect for them in having answered duty’s call is due. It has been our pleasure to have helped. We ask that anyone having the name of a friend or relative who is a veteran in a Chelsea grave, give that name to the town clerk in order to compile a list of who and where they are for future reference and easy location.

Sharon A. Burns


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