Our governor continues to prove that his bullying tactics are his way of life.

As an independent voter who supports the candidate I find to be best suited for the job, I can only guess that Paul LePage was elected by those who vote “party,” regardless of the person running.

Dedicated Republicans who continue to allow this man to represent them will lose votes and be placed in a position of embarrassing their party.

We have several young Republicans for whom I would happily support as governor, but not this person. I will not vote for a man (or woman) whose attitude is as self-serving and stubborn as this person, and who I don’t consider to be the leader of my state.

LePage should honor his left-handed remark about running for Congress. It would give Maine voters the opportunity to send him back to private industry, where he seems to fit best. And, by the way, it would allow a true servant of the people to be elected to our state’s high office and represent us in a manner that Mainers deserve.

Also, I wonder if the veterans of this state have ever looked into this man’s background.

Patrick Kaloustian


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