PORTLAND – Portland police are investigating the circumstances that caused a man to fall to his death from the One City Center parking garage Sunday afternoon, but as of Sunday night, they said they still had no answers.

They do not know if the man fell accidentally, jumped on purpose, or was pushed from the six-story brick garage that towers over Monument Square and Free Street.

And they don’t know his name.

“We are still trying to figure out who he is,” said Lt. Glenn McGary, the night shift commander.

McGary said a sketch of the man may be released Monday by the Criminal Investigation Division, which is handling the case.

The victim fell onto the Free Street side of the parking garage. The garage has two entrances, one at 22 Free St. and one off Federal Street facing Monument Square.


Officers blocked off a section of Free Street on Sunday. The man, described only as an “older” white male, landed in the middle of the street.

Police Lt. Robert Doherty, who responded to the scene, said Sunday afternoon it was unclear whether the man fell or jumped from the brick and concrete six-story One City Center parking garage around 1:45 p.m.

Police at the scene described the incident as an active criminal investigation, but all that means, according to McGary, is that police don’t know what happened yet. The man could have committed suicide, been pushed by another person, or fallen by accident, McGary said.

Police interviewed people who may have been witnesses. An investigator was on the top floor of the garage at one point.

The body was still on the street in front of the garage at 3 p.m., uncovered but screened from passers-by.

A security guard with One City Center, which monitors activities at the garage, declined to comment.


The garage is closed to the parking public on Sundays, with both entrances gated. The doors to the garage are left open.

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