Reps. Jeff McCabe and Larry Dunphy said in their column of (“Mining rules must protect Maine people, the environment,” Oct. 13) that the draft rules allow 30 years of treatment by the mining company.

They then say there is a risk that financial assurances will run out before then, leaving the taxpayers picking up the bill for further cleanup.

I’d like to point out that the proposed rules, on page 29, Subchapter 3: Permits, section 9, subsection I, (5)(ii) expect the sites to be monitored for 100 years. It would seem to me to be more appropriate to require financial assurances from the mining companies that will still be around for that full 100 year period, not 30 years or less.

The Legislature should have passed a stronger environmental bill instead of leaving it to folks who don’t seem to hold Maine’s resources in high regard.

After repeatedly reading stories about Department of Environmental Protection negligence regarding dam relicensing requirements and safeguards, I do not think we can trust DEP to protect the environment from mine operators.

Joseph R. Saunders


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