Winslow supposedly is one of several secret containment zones where the government has been snatching up zombies before the public could find out about them. For one weekend only, this zone will be open to the public so people finally can see what the government has been hiding.

That is the story Kevin Douglass, chairman of the Winslow Family 4th of July Celebration, is telling about the committee’s latest fundraising event for the summer celebration.

“Unlike other haunted walks, where there’s a mix of different things — a werewolf here, a witch there — we want to put you through a movielike setting where you start out in a safe situation and as it progresses, it gets scarier,” Douglass said.

“Project Z: Containment” is a 15-to-20 minute guided tour through Fort Halifax Park, which will be decked out with military vehicles, chain-link fences and huge gates to give it an authentic military feel.

“Each night there’ll be different people inside the trail and different frights each night,” Douglass said, adding that about 40 people will be working inside the trail, while another 10 or 15 will be posed as military personnel outside.

“We want to give a good scare for a very low price,” he said.

While the trail is meant to scare and startle, families still can bring younger children.

“For younger kids, we’ll give them these light-up glasses and tell them they’re zombie repellent,” Douglass said. “The people in the trail know to back away a little bit if they see those glasses.”

While visitors can expect to see some scary sights in the containment zone, they should expect some other senses to get spooked as well.

“There’ll be scents — it’ll smell like a zombie containment zone — and you’ll be able to feel how certain environments differ,” Douglass said. “We’re throwing them right into it.”

Tours are scheduled for 7 to 11 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and cost $5 per person.

Jesse Scardina — 861-9239
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