District 3: Rome and all of Somerset County except Athens, Brighton, Cambridge, Detroit, Fairfield, Harmony, Hartland, Palmyra, Ripley and St. Albans

Democrat: Craig Heavey of Canaan

Republican: Incumbent Rodney Whittemore of Skowhegan

District 4: Piscataquis County, Athens, Brighton, Cambridge, Detroit, Harmony, Hartland, Palmyra, Ripley, St. Albans, Alton, Bradford, Charleston, Dexter, Garland and Lagrange

Democrat: David Ziemer of Orneville Township

Republican: Incumbent Douglas Thomas of Ripley, Rep. Paul Davis of Sangerville

District 11: Waldo County

Democrat: Jonathan Fulford of Monroe

Republican: Incumbent Michael Thibodeau of Winterport

District 13: Windsor, Washington and all of Lincoln County except Dresden

Democrat: Incumbent Christopher Johnson of Somerville

Republican: Leslie Fossel of Alna

District 14: Chelsea, Farmingdale, Gardiner, Hallowell, Manchester, Monmouth, Pittston, Randolph, Readfield, West Gardiner and Winthrop

Democrats: David Bustin of Hallowell, Louis Sigel of Gardiner

Republican: Earle McCormick of West Gardiner

District 15: Augusta, China, Oakland, Sidney and Vassalboro

Democrat: Anna Blodgett of Augusta

Republican: Incumbent Roger Katz of Augusta

District 16: Albion, Benton, Clinton, Unity Township, Waterville, Winslow and Fairfield

Democrat: Incumbent Colleen Lachowicz of Waterville

Republican: Alek Fortier of Waterville

District 17: All of Franklin County, Vienna, Fayette, Mount Vernon and Belgrade

Democrat: Joanne Dunlap of Rangeley Plantation

Republican: Incumbent Thomas Saviello of Wilton

District 22: Litchfield, Wayne, Durham, Greene, Leeds, Lisbon, Sabattus, Turner and Wales

Democrat: Guy Desjardins of Sabattus

Republican: Incumbent Garrett Mason of Lisbon Falls

District 23: Sagadahoc County and Dresden

Democrat: Incumbent Eloise Vitelli of Arrowsic

Republican: Linda Baker of Topsham

Green Independent: Alice Knapp of Richmond


District 53: Dresden, Arrowsic, Georgetown, Phippsburg and Woolwich

Democrat: Incumbent Peter Kent of Woolwich

Republican: Jeffrey Pierce of Dresden

District 55: Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Perkins Island and part of Richmond

Democrat: Alice Elliott of Richmond

Republican: Brian Hobart of Bowdoinham

District 74: Livermore Falls, Jay and part of Livermore

Democrat: Incumbent Paul Gilbert of Jay

Republican: C. Harvey Calden of Jay

District 76: Belgrade, Fayette, Mount Vernon, Rome, Vienna and Wayne

Democrat: Richard Tracy of Rome

Republican: Incumbent Dennis Keschl of Belgrade

District 77: Sidney and part of Oakland

Democrat: Alan Tibbetts of Sidney

Republican: Incumbent Robert Nutting of Oakland

District 78: Winslow and part of Benton

Democrat: Incumbent Catherine Nadeau of Winslow

Republican: Susan Morissette of Winslow

District 79: Albion, China, Unity Township and part of Benton

Democrat: Helen Hanson of China

Republican: Robert MacFarland of China, Timothy Theriault of China

District 80: Part of Augusta, Vassalboro, Windsor, Somerville and Hibberts Gore

Democrat: Incumbent Lori Fowle of Vassalboro

Republican: Andrew Fowler of Vassalboro

District 81: Readfield, Winthrop and part of Monmouth

Democrat: Incumbent Craig Hickman of Winthrop

Republican: Emily Roderick of Readfield

District 82: Litchfield, Wales and and part of Monmouth

Democrat: Rachel Sukeforth of Litchfield

Republican: Timothy McDonald of Monmouth; Randall Greenwood of Wales

District 83: Farmingdale and Gardiner

Democrat: Incumbent Gay Grant of Gardiner

Republican: Curtis Ayotte of Farmingdale, Scott Williams of Gardiner

District 84: Hallowell, Manchester and West Gardiner

Democrat: Charlotte Warren of Hallowell

Republican: Darrick Banda of Manchester

District 85: Most of Augusta east of the Kennebec River

Democrat: Rebecca Cornell du Houx; Donna Doore of Augusta

Republican: Kimberly Davis

District 86: Most of Augusta west of the Kennebec River

Democrat: Monica Castellanos

Republican: Incumbent Matthew Pouliot

District 87: Wiscasset, Alna, Pittston and Randolph

Democrat: Incumbent Timothy Marks of Pittston

Republican: Jeffery Hanley of Pittston

District 88: Chelsea, Jefferson, Whitefield and part of Nobleboro

Democrat: Joel Pitcher of Jefferson

Republican: Incumbent Deborah Sanderson of Chelsea

District 91: Washington, Friendship, Waldoboro and part of Union

Democrat: No candidate filed.

Republican: Incumbent Ellen Winchenbach of Waldoboro

Unenrolled: Incumbent Jeffrey Evangelos of Friendship

District 95: Appleton, Hope, Warren and part of Union

Democrat: No candidate filed.

Republican: Wesley Richardson of Warren

Green independent: Randall Parr of Appleton

District 96: Belmont, Liberty, Lincolnville, Montville, Morrill, Palermo and Searsmont

Democrat: Christine Burstein of Lincolnville

Republican: Ryan Harmon of Palermo

District 99: Brooks, Burnham, Freedom, Jackson, Knox, Monroe, Thorndike, Troy and Unity

Democrat: Incumbent Brian Jones of Freedom

Republican: Maryanne Kinney of Knox

District 100: Corinna, Dixmont, Newport, Plymouth and part of Etna

Democrat: Frederick Austin of Newport

Republican: Incumbent Kenneth Fredette of Newport

District 104: Charleston, Dexter, Exeter, Garland and Stetson

Democrat: David Pearson of Dexter

Republican: Incumbent Raymond Wallace of Dexter

District 105: Cambridge, Canaan, Hartland, Palmyra, Ripley and St. Albans

Democrat: Daniel Swain of Canaan

Republicans: Dwayne Littlefield of Hartland, Joel Stetkis of Canaan

District 106: Clinton, Detroit and Pittsfield

Democrat: Incumbent Stanley Short of Pittsfield

Republican: Katherine Watson of Pittsfield

District 107: Skowhegan and the Somerset County jail in East Madison

Democrat: Incumbent Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan

Republican: Timothy Amadon of Skowhegan

District 108: Fairfield, Mercer and Smithfield

Democrat: Incumbent Karen Kusiak of Fairfield

Republican: John Picchiotti of Fairfield

District 109: Southeastern Waterville

Democrat: Incumbent Thomas Longstaff

Republican: Rebecca Telega

District 110: Downtown and much of rural Waterville on the west side of Interstate 95 and part of Oakland

Democrat: Incumbent Henry Beck

Republican: Mark Andre of Oakland

District 111: Norridgewock, Solon and all of Madison except for the county jail

Democrat: Ann Dorney of Norridgewock

Republican: Bradlee Farrin of Norridgewock

District 112: Avon, Carrabassett Valley, Carthage, East Central Franklin, Kingfield, Phillips, Sandy River, South Franklin, Weld, Anson, New Portland and Starks

Democrat: Jack Frost of Anson

Republican: Thomas Skolfield of Weld

District 113: Farmington and New Sharon

Democrat: Edward David of Farmington

Republican: Incumbent Lance Harvell of Farmington

District 114: Chesterville, Industry, New Vineyard, Strong, Temple and Wilton

Democrat: Guy Iverson of Chesterville

Republican: Incumbent Russell Black of Wilton

District 117: Coplin, Dallas, Eustis, North Franklin, Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation, West Central Franklin, Andover, Bethel, Byron, Gilead, Greenwood, Hanover, Lincoln, Magalloway, Newry, North Oxford, South Oxford, Stoneham, Stow, Upton and part of Lovell

Democrat: Callie Pecunies of Albany Township

Republican: Frances Head of West Bethel

District 118: Athens, Bingham, Brighton, Caratunk, Central Somerset, Cornville, Dennistown, Embden, Harmony, Highland, Jackman, Moose River, Moscow, Northeast Somerset, Northwest Somerset, Pleasant Ridge, Seboomook Lake, The Forks, West Forks, Wyman Township, Kingsbury and Wellington

Democrat: Matthew Quinn of Cornville

Republican: Incumbent Larry Dunphy of North Anson

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