Hannaford’s policy change regarding the food it donates has had a very negative impact on the East Winthrop Baptist Church food pantry.

These people have donated their effort and time for more than 20 years, and they’ve made a difference when it comes to helping many people. I believe Hannaford could have made changes to increase the quantity of food it donates without it having such an impact in our community.

I personally believe the company is just trying to save money, time and effort like all other large corporations. Very seldom do changes take place to benefit people.

I’ve been a customer of Hannaford for years, but when its changes have an adverse impact in my neighborhood, then it’s time for me to make a change and do my shopping elsewhere. If Hannaford doesn’t want to support my community, I don’t want to help its business. I hope more people will do the same in an effort to make the company realize it has made a poor decision. It needs to reverse it and make changes in a way that doesn’t take away services already in place.

Alone, I can’t hurt Hannaford’s bottom line, but if enough people do the same, it may just get the message. The only way to make a corporation listen is an effort that reduces its profits. If many people boycott Hannaford, it can have a lot more food to donate, perhaps to the point where it will need to include places like our local church again in order to just get rid of all of it.

Stanley G. BoyntonWinthrop

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