I am writing in response to the April 2 article that was in the Sentinel about First Wind looking for $75 million, after the Maine Supreme Court shot down its financial partnership with a Canadian energy company.

Mentioned in the article (“With partnership in limbo, First Wind seeks to borrow $75 million”) is that some of the money is needed for ongoing projects in Maine, which are the Bingham project and sites in Hancock and Washington counties.

The article also mentions that First Wind’s 50-turbine project in Oakfield will produce enough power for 50,000 homes (when the turbines are turning at full capacity). This site will be one of the largest in the state, with all of the power going out of our state to Massachusetts. This is true with all of First Wind’s generated power. It’s all sold out of state at the highest price, to any of the states (Maine included) that buy green power.

People of Maine have to realize that the states that the buy green power from Maine do not want to destroy their own mountains, waterways and scenic views with these giant windmills that tower 500 feet into the air, making them the tallest structures in our state.

First Wind already has promised over $8.7 million to towns and organizations in the Bingham area for the 62-turbine wind farm being constructed in that area. Most of this money comes from state and federal subsidies already in place. First Wind also is receiving Tax Increment Financing funds from Bingham, and it is lobbying unorganized townships in Somerset County) for TIFs.

Without the financial partnerships, subsidies and tax breaks paid by Maine residences, there would be no destruction of our land or loss of our natural beauty and resources.

Richard HarrisFairfield

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