It was unreasonable for the Public Utilities Commission to hold only two evening meetings in April. How did that give enough of an opportunity for the 500,000 Maine households that will be affected by Central Maine Power Co. unfair rate increases to be heard?

It is unreasonable to approve a doubling of the fixed portion of the monthly bill and an alternate rate plan that also would permit periodic rate increases not subject to full review by the PUC, as well as other accounting gimmicks that raise their profits. Are we getting better or more efficient electricity for this obscene rate increase being proposed? Are we now going to be a state where only a few will be able to afford to have heat and light?

Where is the voice for the public welfare? Will the elderly die in their sleep from hypothermia? Will our children have to do their homework by candlelight?

This rate increase will cost the people of Maine $29 million. It is a very bad deal for all CMP customers. The only one who benefits from this is the energy giant who neither lives here nor cares about those who do.

We need to make our voices heard so I urge others to join me in contacting the Maine Public Utilities Commission and expressing their concerns.

Carol MacDougallAugusta

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