The Somerset County Sheriff’s Department will step up sex offender registration enforcement after two convicted offenders were found living at addresses different from those they registered under.

“We’re going to make a concerted effort to make sure sex offenders are in compliance,” said Chief Deputy Dale Lancaster of the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department. “They need to be living at the address they say they are living at.”

In a press release issued Monday, Lancaster said the department arrested two convicted offenders last week for failing to comply with the state’s sex offender registry. According to state law, anyone convicted of specified sex offenses must register an address with the state.

Eric M. Jacobsen, 48, of St. Albans and Eddie D. Deberry, 35, of Norridgewock, were arrested last week after investigators said they were not living at the locations listed in the registry.

Jacobsen, who is required to register for life after a conviction for gross sexual assault, was found to be living in a different residence in St. Albans and was out of compliance for about seven months, according to the release.

Deberry, who was found living at his girlfriend’s residence in Fairfield, was convicted on unlawful sexual contact and sexual abuse of a minor on two counts. Police said he never lived at the address he provided the registry.

Lancaster said he didn’t have data on the number of sex offenders who do not comply with the registry.

“There are those that do not comply. It is part of the law and we will be enhancing our efforts to make sure they are in compliance,” he said.

The registry does not list the address of the offenders because in the past there have been crimes of retaliation against them, he said. It does list the town of residence and the street and town of their employer.

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