FAIRFIELD — MaineGeneral Medical Center’s Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Department recently donated a portable X-ray machine to Kennebec Valley Community College, according to a KVCC press release.

The Shimadzu portable X-ray system is a pre-owned machine that was purchased by MaineGeneral to be donated to KVCC. The unit’s exposure control has been removed so it can be used for teaching purposes, but it is otherwise fully functional.

“This piece of equipment is a huge asset to our program, as it allows students to practice bedside radiography and participate more fully in the simulation laboratory,” Betsy Priest, director of KVCC’s Radiologic Technology program, said in the release. “With the portable X-ray unit, students are able to interact with other programs to create realistic scenarios such as the emergency room, intensive care unit, or patient rooms.”

“We feel fortunate to have such strong partners in the healthcare field, and appreciate their commitment to our program,” Priest said in the release.

Students in the Radiologic Technology program will use the machine in their classroom and in the College’s TD Simulation Lab — a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest patient simulators and simulation software. The lab includes adult patient units and a pediatric unit as well as a control and observation room.

“MaineGeneral is vested in community success and appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with KVCC’s Allied Health Programs,” Trask said in the release.

For more information, visit www.kvcc.me.edu.