AUBURN — The principal of Saint Dominic Academy — Upper Campus, Joline Girouard, recently announced the honor roll for the first quarter of the 2014-15 school year in a news release.

Seniors — President’s List: Bella Bennett, Yolande Bennett, Zoë Caron, Isaac Dean, Hailey Eason, Matthew Keaney, Samantha Ladd, Anya Lee, Emily Martin, Nicole Robitaille and Changxing (William) Wang.

First Honors: Taylor Bergeron, Jessica Boulet, Emily Carney, Emily Caron, Matheson Dempski, Jared Dye, Emmanuel (Manoli) Gammaitoni, Isabel Gerencer, Kymberlee Johnson, Alexis Laliberte, Keenan Lynch, Jennifer McLean, Jacqueline Schmitz, Ryan Spooner and Becket Wagner.

Second Honors: Bradford Berube, Michael Bryant, Matthew Chasse, Kirsten Conner, Johanna Cullenberg, Bryanna Handlon, Ryan Harvey, Samantha Roy and Adam Vining.

Honorable Mention: Kristen Cornelio, Brian Genest, Caleb Labrie and Emma Samson.

Juniors — President’s List: Jacob Charest, Nicholas Gammaitoni, David Wesley Haire II, Abigail L’Abbé, Gyeongeun (Krystal) Lee and Diego Villamarin.


First Honors: Abigail Bates, Clifford Greco, Steven Hammerton, Isaac Lapointe, Ryan Lutrzykowski, Alexandre Michaud, Nathan Richard, Tia Rotolico, Benjamin Trytek and Carla Tyce.

Second Honors: Jacob Bussiere, Sooyeon Byun, Olivia Chase, Mia Comis, Gabriela Cortellino, Jacob Hodsdon, Aidan Johnson, Evan Leclair, Mikayla Pietkiewicz, Zheyu Qin, Cooper Richard and Alexis Tremblay.

Honorable Mention: Brendan Donovan, Natalye Masters and Nicole Pare.

Sophomores — President’s List: Matthew Boulet, Antoinette Carman, Megan D’Alessandro, Emily Dionne, Elliot Hachey, Justin Keaney, Sidney Sirois, Allie Veinote and Kyle Welsh.

First Honors: Ella Brown, James Cheleuitte, Chloe Dwinell, Camden Jalbert, Alexa Kesaris, Clare Kramer, Matthew Maguire and Hannah Phelan.

Second Honors: Thomas Arps, Sarah Clark, Rachel Kurtz, Kaylynn Linck, Kassaundra Stacy, Isaac Poliquin, Connor Samson, Noah Toussaint and Alexis Tremblay.


Honorable Mention: Bethany Hammond.

Freshmen — President’s List: Margaret Kase and Aidan Sites.

First Honors: Janelle Bryant, Lindsay Cook, Amelie Crowe, Hunter Emery, Joshua Fortin, Caroline Gastonguay, Taylor Jorgensen, Eisa Lee, Madison Leslie, Elizabeth Perkins, Julian Rogers and Rileigh Stebbins.

Second Honors: Markella Gammaitoni, Samuel Gould, Drew Greco, Matthew McLean, Ryan Paione, Matthew Roeser, Hannah Trottier-Braun and Sophia Velasquez.

Honorable Mention: Brenden Hanlon.

Grade 8 — President’s List: Kristina Cornelio, Alexandra Hammerton, Miranda Kramer and Madeleine Tiner.


First Honors: Maria Bellegarde, Anna Caron, Abigail Castoguay, Paige Cote, Isabelle Frenette, Matthew Gagnon, Emily Gerencer, Benjamin Gosselin, Abigail Hart, Caroline Johnson, Erin Lachance, Avery Lutrzykowski, Dominique Michaud, Mary Milligan, Grace Siffermann, Emma Skelton, Mary Suckow, Emma Theriault and Abbie Zanoni.

Second Honors: Briley Bell, Christine Chasse, Reese Farrell, Kylie Leavitt, Samuel McGray and Jacob Story.

Honorable Mention: Carson Armstrong, Autumn Chapman, Cameron Cote and Caroline Reed.

Grade 7 — President’s List: Serena Mower and Skye Rogers.

First Honors: McKenzie Boucher, Mark D’Alessandro, Zachary Davis, Andrea Dolci, Demetrios Gammaitoni, Avery Greco, Joshua Lane, Simone Long, Jacques Ouellette, Olivia Ouellette, Evan Rivard, Cameron Sirois, Tyler Stewart and Rebecca Zimmerman.

Second Honors: Brittin Averill, Darrien Averill, Isaac Banks, Matthew Castagna, Alexander Deditch, William Fletcher, Emily French, Luke Jordan, Anna LeBlanc, Mia-Angelina Leslie, Emily Pease, Zackary Pelletier, Hanna Roy, Evan Saltis and Ambrose Ward.

Honorable Mention: Stephen Dick III and Jasmine Gagnon.

Students who achieved a 4.25 average and above on the Principal’s List; a 3.80 average overall, with no grade below 2.70 is First Honors; a 3.25 average overall, with no grade below 2.70 is Second Honors; and a 3.0 average overall, with no grade below 2.70 is Honorable Mention.

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