FAIRFIELD — A Shawmut man says Fairfield police got it wrong when they charged him Tuesday with unlawful sexual touching for allegedly grabbing a woman’s breast while she and another person were parked by the Shawmut dam.

Fairfield police say they got it right and say they have the video to prove it.

Jonathan Dubois, 42, of Kennebec Street, in the Shawmut section of Fairfield, said he is so angry by the charge that he intends to file a civil complaint of slander and defamation of character against his accuser.

According to the police account of the incident, Dubois appeared to have randomly approached the car and got into an argument with the woman, Fairfield Police Chief Thomas Gould said.

“The 21-year-old female victim was parked with a relative checking the ice on the river at the canoe portage in Shawmut,” Gould said Wednesday. “As they attempted to leave, they were approached by Dubois. A verbal altercation ensued, and it is alleged that Dubois reached in through an open vehicle window and touched the female on the breast over her clothing.”

Not so, Dubois said Friday, a day after he hand-delivered a written statement to Fairfield police and to the Morning Sentinel.


Dubois said he had approached the car to confront the driver — a bearded man — who repeatedly had driven fast by his house. He said he has asked the man to slow down before because his street is a small residential street where he lives with his 11-year-old son. He said he approached the man who “started screaming profanity” at him.

He said they exchanged words and he drove off to check his mail at the Shawmut post office, then drove home. The man and his passenger followed him, according to Dubois’ statement. He said the passenger appeared to be another man using a mobile device to record the exchange — possibly anticipating a physical confrontation.

“I felt as though the other man recording me was trying to mock me — that aggravated me further,” Dubois wrote in his statement. “I went to grab the iPad and who I thought was a man spoke. It sounded like a soft voice.”

Dubois said he was surprised to find that the person with the iPad was, in fact, a woman.

“I’m still not sure it wasn’t a man,” he said, adding he had no intention of touching the person inappropriately. “My issue was with the driver, not the passenger.”

Gould on Friday wouldn’t discuss details of the case, except to say that the charge brought against Dubois was appropriate.


“The incident was video recorded,” the chief said. “The subject that was assaulted was videotaping the incident.”

Gould could not say what was captured on the video because it will be used as evidence when the case goes to court.

“I would say it’s an appropriate charge,” Gould said. “The evidence will speak for itself when the case is brought to court. I think that the charge that was brought was correct.”

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