NEW VINEYARD — A New Sharon man remains in jail without bail after police charged him with stalking a woman and breaking into her residence, according to a news release Tuesday from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

Detective Kenneth Charles started investigating Matthew Giustra, 43, after a woman he had been in a relationship with reported “when she tried to break it off with him, he started showing up at her house unannounced as well as sending her text messages and voice mails.” The woman also reported he continued to show up at her house, even though she asked him several times to leave her alone.

He was found still outside her house, and Cpl. Nathan Reid arrested him. Giustra was charged with class D domestic stalking, class D domestic violence terrorizing and class C aggravated criminal trespass. The trespassing was elevated to a felony because the victim reported that a week earlier she had found Giustra hiding in her house.

More charges might be pending after a review by the Franklin County District Attorney’s Office. Davis remains in jail in lieu of $1,000 cash bail.

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