The first thing you notice about Walter Weymouth when you talk with him is his soft-spoken demeanor. What you notice about his singing is that it’s got a decided sound not unlike a classic singer, but more on that later. This talented singer/songwriter/guitarist is a man of few words, but his music speaks volumes as is evident by “Common Man,” his country-pop debut CD from 2008. On Monday, Dec. 22, he will perform at Slates in Hallowell, and to that end I called him at his Gardiner area home to find out what’s new.

Q: The first time we talked was back in May of 2009.

Weymouth: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Q: Do you have something new out since “Common Man”?

Weymouth: Well, no, I’m working on one. I’m hoping to have it out in the spring. I think what I’m going to do is combine it with my old one because I only had nine songs on the first one. So, I’m going to combine it with the new songs and come out with a new CD that will have 15 or 16 songs on it.

Q: Just out of curiosity, do you get out and play much?

Weymouth: I haven’t much lately, I’ve been so busy with life. I played out at the Winsor Fair this summer and played a couple of times here and there, but I haven’t been doing a lot. I’d like to get back going this winter and spring, hopefully.

Q: If you’ve got new material, too, that will help.

Weymouth: Yes, I’m hoping to have that done by spring.

Q: Now, will this be a solo performance at Slates?

Weymouth: A solo performance, yeah.

Q: Well, that gives you the opportunity to go where you want musically. You don’t have to worry about any particular set list or anything like that.

Weymouth: No, it’s only an hour and a half, so I’m going to try to do most of my songs on the old album and maybe a few new ones, and throw in some covers and stuff, I guess.

Q: Oh, can you talk a little more about the covers?

Weymouth: I’ve got like probably 40 or 50 covers that I do. I’ll make out a list and pick out the ones I like, I guess, or the ones people seem to like and try to do the best ones that I do.

Q: What are some of the songs you cover?

Weymouth: Well, I like Roy Orbison a lot. I like covering his songs because he’s my favorite singer. That’s why I got into singing anyway. I like hearing him sing and then I found out I could sing a little like him a little bit.

Q: That was one of the things I noticed when I first heard “Common Man.” I think I probably talked about it when I reviewed it five years ago. If you’re going to be influenced by someone, you couldn’t have picked a better performer, that’s for sure.

Weymouth: Yup, he’s one of the best. To be able to even sing one of his songs I feel pretty good about it. I mean, his range from high to low was just wow.

Q: I agree, and you have a similar quality to what you do, as well. Now, to recap, folks coming to Slates to catch your performance on Dec. 22 will get a chance to hear some of your new songs?

Weymouth: Yup, I’ll be doing a couple… maybe more.

Q: Is there anything, Walt, that you’d like to have passed on to the readers of this “What’s Happening” article?

Weymouth: Just that I’d love to have them come and listen, and thank everybody that would come. I guess that’s about all I can do, and I’ll do it that night, too.

Lucky Clark has spent forty-five years writing about good music and the people who make it. He can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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