Oakland Town Manager Gary Bowman said Tuesday that the Diocese of Portland has accepted the town’s offer to pay $150,000 for the vacant St. Theresa Catholic Church on Church Street.

Bowman said the town is turning the offer over to the town’s attorney for review before moving forward with the plan to convert the church into a new town hall and community center.

“We’re just trying to make sure we get the best deal for the citizens,” Bowman said.

The offer is 12 percent below the $170,000 asking price. The diocese previously rejected at least one offer from the town. The Town Council plans to discuss the proposal during its regular public meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday. The proposal would require approval from the voters during Town Meeting on May 5.

Additionally, the offer is contingent on a 120-day due diligence period, under which the property would remain off the market while the town gathers estimates for retrofitting the church and seeks approval from the voters.

Voters rejected a proposal five years ago to spend $4.5 million building a public building to house all of the town’s offices, the Police Department and the Fire Department.

If the purchase is approved, the town would move its offices to the church building, including the manager’s office, the clerk’s office, the assessor’s office, code enforcement and parks and recreation. The Police Department, now located in a converted turn-of-the-century house, would move to the current Town Office.

That would provide a safer setting for the department and rectify compliance issues with the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to Bowman.

It also would provide space for the Parks and Recreation Department to provide a host of new programs for residents and space for activities such as plays, indoor sports, clubs and meetings.

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