HALLOWELL — Mark Hathaway will give a talk about his book, “World Locked In” at 1 p.m. Tuesday, June 9, at Spectrum Generations William S. Cohen Community Center in Hallowell.

A survivor of Locked-In Syndrome, Hathaway is the author of “World Locked In: Six Weeks in Coma and Beyond,” a spiritual odyssey resulting from a case of viral encephalitis, according to a news release from the center.

Hathaway entered a coma from what doctors believed may have been a mosquito bite and woke to find himself with locked-in syndrome, in which his brain was active, but he could not move or communicate.

“World Locked In” is compelling and insightful, and has been well-received, according to the release. “World Locked In” includes anecdotes of Hathaway’s coma dreams and from his world travels. He feels lucky to have had such a unique, mind-expanding challenge. He hopes that readers will learn from his experience, see their own personal adversity in a different light, and gain new respect for others. Often light and humorous, the book has an unexpected, powerful message to which people can all relate.

For more information, visit spectrumgenerations.org, or call 800-639-1553; TTY: 800-464-8703.

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